Functions of Human Resource Management

18.02.21 09:51 AM By ProkenReviews Staff

Human Resource is the method designed to hire and manage people for the employer’s objective. It includes various functions like inducting employees, providing orientation, imparting training, and development, compensation, performance appraisals, and many more. A successful human resource requires many pieces of the company, which includes administration of safety and health and the organizational culture. It helps in structuring the process of business effectively. Human Resource perform a various function in the organization which includes

Recruitment and Training: Hiring the right people for an organization is the most important task for the human resource department. A proper recruitment methodology has to be followed by them. They not only approach the right candidate for the job but also create an accurate job description that will fit perfectly into the designated role. After hiring the employee their job is not over, they give proper training to them so that they can fit into the organization easily. 

Performance Management Strategy: People expect rewards for the work they are doing. If any organization reward is not given or their work is not appreciated, they feel low and disappointed which can affect their work also. The human Resource department measures the efficiency of work and designs the performance management strategy. These rewards help the employees to work more efficiently. This department also helps them in improving the skills and encouraging them to be more extraordinary in their tasks.

Building Relationships: Happy people make a workspace more productive. Everyone likes to work in an environment where they can laugh with their colleagues and be happy while working. The workplace is a second home for most people therefore workspace relationships, integrity, and values are essential. Everyone wants their privacy whether it is home or office and to ensure the privacy of employees in the office is the moral responsibility of HR. Building healthy relationships between employees, employers, preserving the work balance by regulating the rules without hurting someone, is the prime responsibility.

Conflict Management: While working in an office, sometimes a moment occurs when the conflict arises between an employee and employer. At that time HR team plays the role of the mediator and counselor to sort out the differences. They take the right action, so that situation does not go out of hand.

Health and Safety: To ensure the health and safety of the employees, the HR department conducts the medical check-up camp for them and also keeps the necessary medicines in the office, so that if any employee health is not well, they can provide him/her the medicine. The HR department also keeps the first aid kit, so in case of emergency, it can be used. If there are heavy machines in the office then the team should make the posters and warning signs and relevant steps in case of emergency. If all these steps are not followed by the organization and some accident happens, then the employee can take legal action against them.

Every business should have an HR department for handling such issues. Human Resource employees have undergone a varied number of training for handling these conflicts, for recruitment and what and how training should be given to employees. These duties can only be performed if the person has done some specialization in this.