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Avochato Overview
Product Details
Avochato Overview
What is Avochato?

Avochato is a well-known cloud-based solution to send text messages and SMS for sales purposes, support, and marketing. This software allows users to send, receive, manage, and collaborate on messages from the customer. This tool is also used for managing the communication with the agents of the field and workforces that work remotely which include cleaners, inspectors, healthcare professionals, and technicians.


Avochato offers distinct, unique phone numbers that help in receiving and sending messages. This also allows users for communicating from their own mobile devices without revealing their phone numbers. The messages received through this tool will be displayed in the web dashboard and on the apps of iOS and Android. The key feature includes:

  • Inbound & outbound SMS
  • Inbound & outbound calls
  • Separate phone numbers for different functions
  • Custom message templates
  • Slack integration
  • CRM integration
  • Message threads
  • Contact search
  • Web dashboard
  • Response automation
  • Message routing
  • Conversation prioritization
  • Conversation escalation
  • Conversation assignment
  • Conversation flagging
  • After-hours responses
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail


Product Details

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